What’s going on at the Museum

A lot has been happening at the Museum during the season, both inside and out. Our team of dedicated volunteers have been hard at work on the refinishing project of our PBY-5A – bringing it back to its full glory of EPA colours it wore on its last flight. They have also been up-dating the Lincoln Sport ‘Craig’ display and doing a fantastic job on our Museum’s very own Lynx One Voodoo aircraft – which was in much need of restoration work as it stands outside our Museum in all weather.

In addition to that we launched our first very own chldren’s Activity book, full of lots of fun, entertaining things for children to do while at the Museum and at home afterwards. Helping children have fun while they learn is a key part of our education program and one that we will be developing and working on more during our closed winter season.

And even though we are now closed there is still so much work going on and so many things that will be ready for you to see when we re-open again May 19, 2018.