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HTML tutorial 150 years

This year we celebrated Canada’s 150th Anniversary, an anniversary that for our Museum was especially important as we are dedicated to telling the story of Canada’s military and civilian aviation history and especially that of Atlantic Canada.

With Billy Mink kids can discover just how flight is possible and learn about some of the very special unique aircraft we have here in our Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum.

HTML tutorial Lynx One Voodoo Restoration Project

At last we have been able to start work on a project very close to the heart of a great many of our dedicated volunteers, namely that of our Lynx One Voodoo, who through sitting outside the Museum in all weather, year on year, was in great need of love, care and repair. Finally a team of volunteers were able to work on her and start to bring her back to her former glory.


HTML tutorial More accessible

Work has been carried out on our main front entrance to make it even more accessible for wheelchairs and large pushchairs. This is just one of the things that our dedicated team of volunteers have been working on to maintain and improve this wonderful Museum for all our visitors.

HTML tutorial Children’s activity book

What better way to help children learn than to make it fun! That’s why this year we have produced our very own ‘Children’s Activity Book,’ made-up of fun pages of activities and things to do whilst at the Museum. Copies are available at the main entrance to the Museum.

HTML tutorial The Billy Mink story

This loveable Kidoons character is travelling the Maritimes visiting historical museums, sharing his love of history, discovery and education at each site as he goes. To read more about Billy, his travels and his missions click here.

HTML tutorial Top 25 for Kids

Canadian Kids Activities was excited to announce that The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum was ranked in the top 25 of the most popular kids activities for 2016 – and we are sure that 2017 won’t be any different!